Friday, 22 May 2015
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One purchases a power backup system or a power protection system as security against electrical power disturbances. Choosing the right equipment & equipment supplier can make all the difference between the success or failure of the protection system.

When you have critical equipment that you wish to protect against inconvenience, loss, or damage due to mains power disturbances, you cannot depend soley on the unreliable mains power. In the event of a mains power disturbance, you could get inconvenienced (eg lights or TV going off), or you could lose unsaved computer data, or your equipment could get damaged. It could also be life threatening (e.g. an aircraft landing at night & suddenly the runway lights & contol & communication equipment go off, or the lights & equipment go off during a critical operation in a hospital theatre).

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs)

We offer a wide range of UPSs to suit your every day need, be it a single-user unit, or a centralised unit for a whole building or a whole site.


Voltage Stabilisers & Voltage Regulators

Voltage Stabilizers & Voltage Regulators offer protection against high or low mains voltage by reducing the voltage to your equipment when the mains voltage is too high, or increasing the voltage to your equipment when the mains voltage is too low.

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Inverter based Power Backup Systems

An Inverter based Power Backup System (more commonly known as a PBS) basically incorporates an inverter-charger, batteries, & associated cabling & accessories to provide you with power backup. Due to its simplicity & ability to provide several hours of backup time, it is more popular in domestic applications (homes) as an alternative to a generator, which can be noisy, cumbersome, & expensive to run & maintain.

We do everything, from site survery to the supply & installation of the ideal system for you (including supply & installation of batteries, cabling, & accessories). We are second to none in terms of the quality of the installations. See attached, a listing of some of our recent installations.